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A FREE self-customizable online store/website

Have you ever heard of Payhip?

Payhip is a website that offers its users a free store to sell on. Your business' store will be accessible to your clients under Payhip's domain name.

If you purchase a domain name for yourself, you can attach it to your Payhip store, your clients will click on your domain name (your website), and they will automatically be directed straight to your payhip store.

The only time that Payhip charges any fees is whenever a purchase is made from your store. It's a very small percentage that you won't mind because of the convenience of the website. They also offer paid accounts that subtract less percentages from sales and they even offer an account that takes zero percent of your sales.

Whats so convenient about their website?

Where should I start? Your store is 100% customizable. You can choose your own colors, pictures, and text styles. The site has so many templated sections that you can add to your store, so you can add blog posts, an about us section, a reviews section, and so many more.

You can add outside links to your store and many different ways for your customers to contact you.

Payhip keeps track of your analytics (how many clicks your store receives and which city, state, or country your clicks come from), your sales (by product, day, month, and year), and you can also choose to receive emails every time a purchase has been made on your account.

My store is powered by Payhip and I am a satisfied customer.