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Credit Repair Tips

Disputing Accounts

There are a few very important rules when it comes to sending out dispute letters.

For letters to collection agencies:

  • Never speak to collectors over the phone! block them and only correspond by sending them letters. Anything you say to them can be used against you to verify debt.
  • Never offer them any information about you because they can use it to verify your account.
  • Never send them your ID, never sign the letter, don’t add your whole social security number, but only the last 4 digits.

By doing these things, you will give them information that will help them to validate your debt. They are not your friend. They only want to report negative items on your credit report, that will make your credit score decrease, in effort to collect a debt.

For Bureau letters to Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian

  • It’s okay to call them whenever you need to.
  • The only information that you want to offer them is information that you want to show up on your credit report.
  • You always want to be courteous and polite with them because you want them to make changes in your favor.
  • Every letter that you send to them, you want your full social security number to be on the letter and you want to send a copy of your ID. Make sure that your current address is on your ID and that you are only using your current address on the letters. Sign every letter.

You are NOT required to send ANY dispute by certified mail. Regular mail is fine.

By law, the Credit bureaus get 45 BUSINESS days to investigate and respond to your dispute letter. If they don’t respond within 45 days with a letter that validates the debt, they will delete the account.