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*Featured Products*

*Featured Products*

Now available on Amazon for Only $25

This Credit repair and Credit building book is the ultimate guide. It will teach you all about

  • Credit Reports
  • Credit Scores
  • Bureaus
  • Collection Agencies
  • What should and should not be on your credit report
  • Laws that protect you as a credit consumer
  • Laws and codes that will get derogatory accounts removed from your credit report
  • How to clean and build your credit up to an 800 credit score

It also includes,

  • Over 10 dispute letters that you will need to send to collection agencies and credit bureaus
  • Including Letters for: Bankruptcy, Repos, HIPPA letter for medical bills, Inquiries, Closed and Collection accounts, Late payments, and so many more!
  • Comprehensive information about all dispute processes
  • Step by step order that you will be disputing accounts in
  • Information about and letters to send to third party furnishers
  • 30 blank line pages for keeping notes on important information

Once you finish reading this guide, and if you follow the steps correctly, your credit will be well on it's way to being perfect.

Watch this video to see whats inside!

Announcing Road to Riches

We are so happy to announce that Road to Riches is our very first of many planners to come!

We have worked on this planner for over a year, in order to make sure that we are offering a product that will practically walk with you through every step of your business buildout process.

This planner will help you, the next CEO, structure your business, build credit for your business, and fund your business, all while staying on track.

This product is available as a spiral bound and also in a downloadable version right here on our website.

So click the link below, grab your copy now!

Buy It On Amazon

We have a soft back available on Amazon. Follow the link below.

Check This Out!

Financial Literacy Planner: High School Student's Edition

This planner is loaded with financial information, tasks pages, and planning pages for your high schooler.

It includes information about:

Work permits

  • Securing employment
  • ID and Drivers license
  • Social security card
  • Birth certificate

Credit building

  • What is credit
  • What gets reported and when it starts
  • What is a score
  • Factors that make up a score
  • What hurts credit
  • What builds credit

Buying that first car

  • Drivers training
  • Car insurance
  • Tags
  • Financing vs Cash
  • Bank financing vs Dealer financing
  • Types of bank accounts
  • Money saving tips

and Much, much more!

This product is offered on Amazon but don't forget to purchase your "money saving envelope set" right here on our site.

Only $30

Money Saving Envelope Set

This set comes with 10 envelopes that correspond with your planner.

9 - Savings challenge envelopes.

1- Money Pot fundraiser envelope.

The envelopes come in #10 envelope size.