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Size: 8.5in X 11in

This is a very fun-loving journal. It's for anyone that you love and want to share some special memories with.

It has pages of 10 questions that you will answer on the next page of each question.

Your answers will be for the person you are buying the journal for.

Then there are 10 questions for them to answer about you to complete the journal.

There are pages for pictures and scrap booking and also

30 extra pages for future memories for the both of you.

You can purchase this journal for a friend, mom, dad, brother, sister, child, co-worker, etc.

The list of who you could share this journal with is endless.

Only $18

This bible study journal is an insightful tool. Not only does it allow writing space to keep up with your scriptures, sermon topics, key points, song/hymn, prayer requests, and notes, but it also has pages that are dedicated to your reflection of the sermon and how it relates to your life. It gives you prompts that will help you to determine how the message and scriptures apply to your life and how you will go about being grateful for or making changes to, the habits in your life, where the points are resonating with you.

This journal is conveniently sized at 8.5 X 11 and it is a soft back cover book.

This is a weight loss journal that has so much inside. It will give you ideas for your weight loss journey and allow you to document your progress. It includes weekly challenges such as:

Walking Challenge

Weight Challenge

Exercise Challenge

It also has trackers such as:

Weight Tracker

Measurement Tracker

Calorie Tracker and

Meal Plan

It also includes journaling pages and more!